Picture of a horse supplement called Joint Protect

Joint Protect

132,00299,00 incl. VAT
  • powder
  • available in 500 grams and 1250 grams
  • relief from joint pain
  • prevention of cartilage degeneration
  • the ideal complement to joint therapies
  • stop 3 days before competition
Picture of a horse supplement called Joint Support

Joint Support

100,00229,00 incl. VAT
  • powder
  • available in 600 grams and 1500 grams
  • maintains joint health
  • supports cartilage
  • can be used during postoperative recovery, intensive training periods, and for increased flexibility in older horses
  • doping free


The joints of a horse are subjected to significant forces and stress, not only during training and athletic performances but also during leisure activities or grazing. It is therefore crucial to be proactive in supporting joint health to prevent potential injuries and discomfort. Our joint supplements are designed for this purpose, and we have carefully selected ingredients that promote the flexibility and mobility of the joints. In our joint supplements, you will find natural building blocks necessary for the construction and preservation of healthy joint cartilage, thereby slowing down wear and degeneration at the very least. Joint inflammations are also addressed by integrating powerful and natural anti-inflammatories into our formulas. Choose resilience and well-being for your horse.